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EZTS is a premier training institute specialising in coding across various domains in India. Established in 2020, we’ve already made our mark in the industry and are set to grow steadily and reign over the decade. We have trained 25,000+ learners from 60+ educational institutions, all of whom have been placed successfully. Our 100% success rate comes from efficient teaching methods and our commitment to every learner.


Our services extend beyond students as we have worked with over 15+ corporations across India where employees have upskilled themselves and boosted their careers. With partnerships with industry giants like Hero Vired, TeamLease EdTech, etc., EZTS is equipped with resources to teach better and place our students strategically. We are also partnered with Reinprep to provide our students with state-of-the-art Cloud Labs, making us a truly complete ecosystem with passion, infrastructure and knowledge.

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To provide top-notch programming and development courses to aspiring programmers and mould them into dynamic problem solvers who learn at the pace of industry innovation.


To be a global leader in programming and software development education and make our quality resources and knowledge available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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